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This site is a portal and as such you can add content to it so if you feel you have a news item, download or tutorial thats worth other admins knowing about please click on the relevant section and submit the content.

NW3 Ultra Gore SSE - Release
By Feralidragon at 2013-06-01 22:09

NW3 Ultra Gore SSE (Special Standalone Edition):
This is a release for Unreal Tournament concerning the new NW3 gore system.
It's called SSE given that it uses Nali Weapons 3 technology and features but it does not need Nali Weapons 3 to run at all, thus it can run with anything: normal weapons, NW3 (of course), ZP, Instagib, RX, etc...
It runs in any gametype, it can be customized from the server or the client, and all the gore effects run on the client alone thus not affecting the server itself at all.



Nali Weapons 3 - Release
By Feralidragon at 2012-11-03 16:01

Here it is, Nali Weapons 3 is finally released:
ZIP version:
(or )
UMOD version:
(or )

Also, if you own a server or want to host one for these weapons, there redirect files can be found here:
(or )

Nuclear testing maps:
(or )

I also made a "short" 6min video showing a glimpse on all available weapons and nukes (it's suggested to play it in HD):

I hope you enjoy it

FOOD FIGHT! ...concept for an insane-healthy weaponmod!
By papercoffee at 2012-07-10 09:01
I'm not certain if you know already about our project...
So here are the concepts:


This is a concept for a replacement of the original UT Weapons:

This was originally planned as a stand alone game, but you can also turn it into a UT-Mod

The Canopener is the starting weapon have 3 ammo types.
which can be changed (if picked up) with the alternate fire.
1_ kidney beans ...same as the enforcer.
2_ the sweet cherry ...many bullets and fast firing mode, but less damage as the beans.
3_ halapenjo (very rare) only 7 bullets, but one shot, one kill.

beta Model finished

The P-nutgun is for people who love to mess around with a huge amount of bullets.
Alternate fire shoots 3 more accurate bullets.

beta Model finished

The Ha&Ka Steinfrucht is the moste precise Weapon, you shoot exactly what you aim at.
But there is no zoom and you need to reload after every shot.
With the alternate fire you use the bajo... erm fork - This is an instant kill.

beta Model finished

Now we get the Papricannon ...the ammo is a Papri-nade which does explode
3 seconds after it hits something or instantly when you hit the enemy directly.
The Papri-nade explodes immediately when you hit the alternate fire.
This way, you can shoot one papri-nade, shoot another one and with a bit timing, you can trigger the second one to explode simultaneously with the first shot.
A fun weapon to play around with.

beta Model finished

The Saladthrower is somehow a Flak-cannon and somehow it is not.
The alternate fire ,has a recoil that rebuffs the player if he's using the weapon in midair (jump/fall/etc.), will also load a huge amount of salad in the weapon and will bury you without dressing.

beta Model finished

At last the Toastanator... it is the biggest weapon in this Mod.
The projectile is a burning, exploding, nuclear part of a breakfast!
You can launch one Toast, or with the alternate fire, all 4 Toasts (after this combo-shot you will have to reload the weapon though).
One Toast is a bigger explosion as the normal Rocketlauncher ... now think what happens if you launch all 4 Toasts.... (aside from all your enemys in range are going to be toast).

beta Model finished

Well...I'm kinda hungry now.
What's your opinion?


We present you two new weapons. You could already see the placeholder-advertising on the server...

The Hot-Saucier:
Primary fire is a beam of hot Thai sauce can paint the Sauce on the floor/wall/enemy after short time the sauce catch fire and burns down ...this causes a wall of fire ...or a running torch if you hit an enemy.
Alternate Fire is a big glob of this flesh burning sauce. that glob can be used as a sticky mine because it takes a much longer time till this projectile explode in a Burst of flames incinerating everyone. or you try to hit an enemy directly ...that will have the same effect ...but now instantly. Or you shoot with the primary fire on this trap ...BoooomWOOOSH!!!
chain-reactions possible.


The Carroteer:
A stack-rifle
Primary fire shoots straight flying carrots ..Enemies get slow downed by a shot of a carrot (get spiked)...the second shot is deadly. a shot in the head is an instant death.
The projectile is somehow slow with good reflexes you can avoid
Alternate fire gets a normal scope like the sniper gun.

Now we come to the main function can skewer what ever has an collision model ...that way you can build stairs for you and your team mate or you can barricade a narrow space ...the carrots can be destroyed by any weapon. Faster with the bigger weapons.

"if you need a sniper spot DYS!!"

Moddb page:

official texture pack:

We search for additional coder who wants to participate in our project.
The Beta Server is down ...but we will set up a new one.

Unreal 227g Release
By back4more at 2011-04-07 00:56
Originally Posted by Smirftsch
Ok folks, the patch is up and can be downloaded in the download section:

If you are interested in the new features, such as AlphaBlending, StaticMeshes, ShadowProjectors etc. have a look into the relase notes:

Overall it contains over 400 fixes and additions compared to the old versions and a lot of work has been invested into UED2.1 development. So the most annoying bugs should be gone now, its more stable and has a lot of new nice features.
Details about UED2.1 are here:

Remember, we put a hell a lot of work in it and although all involved people gave their best and the relative small number of testers was increased compared to 227f, it's still quite impossible to test any setup or configuration with our small crew.
it will have to show now if we missed something Wink

The 227g patch is now available for both Unreal (Classic) and Unreal Gold / Anthology with full Return to Napali (RTNP/UPak) support.

There is a new complete Russian translation which is included in the patch. Also the Linux version works now with unicode and enables to use the different charsets for the included translations.

I hope for good results and if there is something bothering you, report it in the 227 section:

As previous releases 227g is not (net)compatible with older 227 versions (such as 227e, 227f etc.) to keep the best compatibility to the old original versions 224,225,UGold and to provide the best stability. Also a couple of security issues have been found and fixed so using 227f becomes of now deprecated.

227g re-unites the different Unreal versions, once applied its finally possible to play with Unreal, Unreal Gold and Unreal Anthology in one server, removing the old compatibility issues we had to suffer, caused by the publishers of these versions who were entirely disregarding net compatibility.
The patch can be applied to the Steam versions also and is fully working, but I have no idea how Steam is handling this version then. Reports are welcome.

Server admins who are running 227f should update because of that soon.

When updating you should be aware that this is a full installer again and if you want to keep your old ini settings you need to backup your ini files and update them manually (Unreal.ini and User.ini are being replaced due to new settings).

Also due to the new cache handling (cache search is improved) it is recommended to empty your cache folder if you run into troubles after installation, or at least ensure that there are no System files in the cache like UPak.u if you run Unreal Gold or Anthology.

Have fun!

PS: Be careful with the realtime shadows, they can drain a LOT of performance, even on nowadays machines.

complete thread here

Nali Weapons 3 Preview
By Feralidragon at 2010-08-18 16:13
Well, since I saw there a news subject regarding Nali Weapons II X, here at UnrealAdmin, I thought perhaps it would be better to post about Nali Weapons 3, as they are in development.

This pack should bring a totally new level of quality on weapons making relative to the old pack, and the time expected to finish this pack is about around 3 to 4 months, if everything runs fine (since the main features of the new core are ready and tested).

Preview 2 (includes Nuclear Explosion):
Preview 1:

And 2 screenshots:

As I don't want to fill up the entire news page with the description and screenshots, as that would suck, to know the details and see more screenshots regarding this pack, check here:


UTAN might be going down
By ARsEnAl51 at 2009-06-03 18:18
All good things have to come to an end at some point and it comes with great sadness that on the 16th June, 2009 the UTAN server will be switched off permanently.

UTAN supports Unreal Tournament 2004. A game which is now, as given by the title, rather dated. The number of users of UTAN has, as expected, dwindled over time and it is no longer viable.

So that's that. If you have the addon installed, it will no longer work beyond the 16th, so it is recommended that you uninstall it as soon as possible so that you server's performance is not effected.

(source :, the site where UTAN is hosted)
1 comment

Nali Weapons II X version - RELEASED!
By 2399Skillz at 2009-04-05 22:07
Feralidragon has released his new weapon pack, called Nali Weapons. These are weapons are extremely powerful, but are still fun to use. See for yourself:

For the ones who still don't know what is this about, here's:
- The trailer:
- The nuclear explosions video:
- And the official website with everything you need to know:

Now if you are know what this pack is about, then check the list of changes, fixes and addons of this new version here:

And finally, the downloads:
Nali Weapons II X version (Client):
ut-files (mirror)

Nali Weapons II X (Server Redirect UZ):
ut-files (mirror)

Nali Weapons II X configured inis for MH (to work properlly with UTJMH v2.9):
ut-files (mirror)

UT2004 Linux x64 Voice Exploit Fix
By Panthera at 2008-09-21 08:45
This is a replacement ucc-bin for UT2004 64-bit Linux servers to fix the voice exploit:

UT3 Server Crash Exploit Fix
By Azazel at 2008-09-20 17:51
As posted on the mailing lists a few days ago:
Hi everyone. In response to a few UT3 hacks released, we have an updated EXE for dedicated server operators that shuts these exploits down.

If you're running a Windows dedicated server, please download and apply this exe:

This exe requires the v1.3 patch. This file is for dedicated servers only and doesn't introduce any new features over v1.3 other than the hack fixes.

Please PM me if you have any questions. Thanks!


UT3 Patch 1.3 Available
By Azazel at 2008-08-13 22:59
This patch brings the version number to 1.3. This patch can be applied against English, French, German, Italian and Spanish versions of the UT3 client and dedicated server. Please let me know if you have any questions.

You can download from here:
Download Unreal Tournament 3 - Patch 3 from Fileplay

Or you can find other mirrors to the patch here:

Server operators may want to download the Linux dedicated server beta patch: The Linux dedicated server patch should be considered beta and only applied if you wish to help Epic test it's functionality.

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