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Welcome to the UnrealAdmin Page arcade. Play a game here while you're bored or loitering on the forums.

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Eat the green bugs, avoid the red ones!
with a score of 253
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2 Votes, 4.5 Average
A timed typing test. Type the displayed letter as fast as you can!
with a score of 112
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News & Events
Eric is the new Znax champion!
21:48, 24th Oct 2012
LeeBe is the new Mini KickUps champion!
17:26, 17th Feb 2011
AnthraX is the new Jason's Pong champion!
00:47, 8th Feb 2011
AnthraX is the new Magic Ball champion!
00:12, 5th Aug 2010
AnthraX is the new Othello champion!
06:36, 12th Jul 2010
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