View Full Version : CSHP40 + F6 Ping

27th August, 2001, 02:11 PM
I have had the oppertunity to have 2 UT Instances running on the same box. One with CSHP40 installed, the other without.

Upon connecting to the non CSHP40 server, and checking my f6 ping, it was around 90.

Connecting to the CSHP40 server and checking my f6 ping, I get about 130.

F1 pings remain about the same.

What is the reason for this and can anything be done about it? With CSHP40, the F6 ping varied much more than on the server without CSHP40. I presume the ping is higher because of the increased load on the client due to CSHP checking the client every 2 seconds or whatever? The F1 ping seems to remain about the same.

And BTW what is the exact different between the F1 and F6 pings? I think it is that the F1 ping is the raw ping (time for a packet to be sent to server) whilst the F6 ping also takes into account latency through the client's PC and the UT engine and rendering time, but that's idle gossip I've picked up over the years..