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3rd August, 2013, 05:55 AM
Lots of monsters in Unreal Tournament are powerful but every so often some crackhead makes one so powerful the only way to take it down is to hit it point blank with a tactical nuke.

That usually works pretty well with most things.

The following edit is mostly for example purposes. I posted a bunch of shots from a display map on a forum and a person there (Fuzzy) wanted to see the thing in action. So, I went through my directory of maps for something ideal and chose MH-Arden. It's got a good mood for this particular beastie.


The GrimReaper is pretty much what you expect from the name. It can fly, it can teleport, and it has a scythe (added benefit is you can use that if you manage to kill the thing). The Reaper has so many powers it's damned freaky, but one of its primary weapons is the Skullhead. It launches one which then can create swarms more... that wander around looking for more players to kill.

MH-Arden has 3 main points: the main gate, the outpost, and the castle at the end. You have to go up the hill to the outpost to flip a switch in there that opens the gate so you can get to the castle. For each of these 3 points there is now a GrimReaper standing guard. The display map had over a hundred GrimReapers, so you would assume that just having to face 3 of the Reapers would be a lot simpler.

Keep thinking that.

Usual suspects:
.umx goes in /Music
.u goes in /System
.unr goes in /Maps

Have fun, and good luck.