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18th December, 2001, 03:42 AM
[19:44] <]FS[red`wing> can you post something on the cshp board for me?
[19:44] <]FS[red`wing> since you have to be activated to be able to post there
[19:44] <[Z]Moose> ok
[19:44] <]FS[red`wing> "Was just playing on a public FFA server with the latest cshp (cshp4+) where i had to watch or to be correct not watch a new cheat.
[19:44] <]FS[red`wing> It allows a person to :
[19:44] <]FS[red`wing> 1.Be on the server without being visible in the namelist avaiable via F1 (however you can see the persons name in the game browser).
[19:44] <]FS[red`wing> 2.be completely invisible apart from the glowing of the flag(if its in the players posession) while being able to grab flags, run and cap them (judging from the time the person needed to cap he still needs to run)."
[19:45] <]FS[red`wing> this
[19:45] <]FS[red`wing> they need to include code for that in ut pure otherwise ffa could be considered dead already imo
[19:46] <[Z]Moose> ok one min working on something else
[19:46] <]FS[red`wing> np

18th December, 2001, 04:12 AM
I had someone bring this to my attention the other day too. It was very difficult to detect as you might imagine since the cheater was completely invisible (not even a glimmer) and the flag disappeared as soon as they grabbed it. Since the only way to detect their location was via the flag glow, those players that have disabled dynamic lighting were completely out of luck. This isn't too much of a concern for official matches but this could easily ruin many a good pub, esp. since it would be hard to know who to ban. :(

18th December, 2001, 04:26 AM
The situation will be under control in UTPureRC4.