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6th January, 2002, 07:38 AM
First off. a big thanks to Icerider ! You were right, I couldn't record server side demos properly until I copied the textures over from a typical UT installation.

Now I have a different problem though, for some reason, sometimes you can't change team colors. ex. in an 8 player game 5 people can be red and it wont let anyone change over to blue. I tried all the different settings in web admin and the ini. and it would still not allow you. :

I've heard of servers getting this " bug " before and I'm pretty sure it's not a cshputpure problem. Anyone run into this problem before or know of a solution ?


6th January, 2002, 05:34 PM
Sup fatha! :)

Theres a setting you have to change in the ini file:

For each gametype there is a MaxTeamSize setting. Make sure this setting is equal to the total number of players in the game. For example, if tis a 4v4 TDM match, set it like this:


That way, you can theoretically have a 8 vs. 0 match if you wanna, or a 6 vs 2 match. Generally, most servers have this set to half of the total # of players (4 for a TDM match). If this is the case, when all players are logged in, no one will be able to change teams because the MaxTeamSize has already been met.

To change this from console, type:
admin set botpack.teamgameplus maxteamsize 8

Took me forever to figure this one out the first time it happened. :)

7th January, 2002, 09:59 AM
The MaxTeamSize set too low could cause a problem with teamchanging but only if the teams are at the maximum number that is set there.
i. e.: If the MaxTeamSize is set to 5 you'll have the problem occuring when at least one team already has 5 players and you try to change to this team (i.e. in a clanwar when clanmembers joined the wrong side and are trying to change to the color they are supposed to be). No1 can change until a player of the 5-playerteam changes to the ohter team if the other team isn't already also on the max of 5 players. If that happens (5 on both sides) no1 can change until someone leaves the server to free a place cause there can't be more than 5 players per team.
So it's best you change MaxTeamSize to a high number (i.e. 16) so you'll never get this problem regardless how many players are on the server.

There is only on situation i can think of where a lower MaxTeamSize setting may be useful:
If you have a public server where the players don't care a shit about evenig up the teams then it would make sense to set MaxTeamSize only 1 or 2 numbers higher than the supposed teamsize (i.e. MaxTeamSize=5 in a 4on4 game) so the players are forced to play at least a little bit even (5on3) if they don't even up the teams voluntarily.:D

But as you describe your problem the players can't even change if there is no1 on the other team, so i suppose another setting is causing your problem:
This setting is there for every teamgame (Botpack.CTFGame, Botpack.TeamGamePlus...) and must be set to False so that the players are allowed to change sides.;)
So be shure to check every botpack and change the setting to

7th January, 2002, 11:05 AM
/me humps Dubious' leg.

Thanks for the info guys, I changed the maxteamsize to 10 and it worked!

7th January, 2002, 03:00 PM
another helpful setting is


that doesn't solve the problem with players leaving during a match, but joining players are forced to join the smaller team and teamchanges that would make the teams uneven are blocked