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29th January, 2002, 04:40 AM
Hiya all....my first post, so plz be gentle....Im wonderin if any1 can tell me where to get the elfbot. My intentions are not to cheat, but to install and run so i can see wut the cheater sees...and how the program werks....im runnin into sum real xtraordinary players lately...head shots, on the run in dark places.....crap like that...i also wanna see how radar werks......i do not cheat...not ever....i just wanna be more informed...if u dont want to post it public, then email me at maliciousintent@<hidden> thx doodz

29th January, 2002, 11:40 AM
well I'll setttle for a description, I've seen that happening on a few pub servers that don't run PURE, does it have a range if any? If so I'm a pretty good lagged sniper :D . . . .

30th January, 2002, 02:37 PM
sorry, dont know wut you mean when u ask "does it have range" the dark places im talkin bout is in the shock pit in Deck16, with all the crates and crap down there...pretty hard to get headshots down there on multiple attempts, with both players runnin, and jumpin around. I realize there are sum real, real good players out there, but these people who seem to be xtraordinary, are always at a ping 140 or higher...they also dont seem to feel the need to get xtra health, or shield...and they leave the server right after the match....me thinks that cheating is rampant now on the pubs once the elf could be used on any CSHP.....god i hate punk cheats

31st January, 2002, 04:52 PM
This board has had a long-standing policy of not posting links to cheats or bots. Elfbot is not hard to find if you go looking for it.

Nothing personal, but a lot of people who have been caught using bots in matches have come back with an excuse to the effect of "I was just studying it to see if I could build a better protection system against bots; I have NO IDEA how it got turned on just now!" So every time I hear that now, I get very skeptical.

If you really just want to know what it does, here's a summary. Elfbot includes headshot-based auto-aiming code w/lag compensation, radar, item timers, 180-degree turns, sniper rifle zooming on all weaps, a rear-view mirror, and some more stuff I can't recall.

The aiming and radar functions from all public versions of Elfbot have been stopped with the latest release of UTPure.

31st January, 2002, 10:42 PM
There is always one of you kinda guys on the boards who has to respond like that......read my post....i said if YOU DONT WANT TO POST IT HERE PUBLICLY, PLZ MAIL ME..... I also said that I dont cheat, and have never cheated at any online game....someone mailed me the files, and I tried the bot in a practice game against bots. It was interesting, and I learned alot bout how it works....I dont go dashing around corners anymore ingame...and its easier to spot the users while online now.....easy dude, I hate cheaters like you obviously do too....but really...no response to me would of been more usefull....If you ever wanna spec me...my game name is [BOC]MaliciousIntent, and I hang in #clan_boc ETG.COM we hate cheaters there too, so come on in and see fer yerself....out!

31st January, 2002, 11:49 PM
by radar you mean that player positions are shown even through walls, like an assassin/hunter mod that they have out?

1st February, 2002, 12:02 AM
it is shown as a colered dot, or a name of the player....anywhere they are on the map....there is also a radar screen on your playing screen. and it shows all players and where they are as it realates to yer position....

2nd February, 2002, 04:33 AM
Well said MaliciousIntent; I too have been frustrated with the general veil of secrecy surrounding these cheats. I'm with you; I abhor cheaters and have never cheated at any online game. Geez, I heard whispers of aimbots and radar for probably a year before I actually found the name of one, let alone actually finding the bot itself.

Let's face it; if you're a cheater, you're gonna find these things; regardless of the efforts of honest forums to prevent it. I think the general level of play (i.e., bots in use) on many public servers is proof of that. What this approach has done, in my opinion, has left many willing combatants of cheaters totally in the dark (like myself). Over the past two years, through my efforts as an honest player and server admin, I have been able to find precisely 1 bot (Elfbot). Admittedly, I have not put a tremendous amount of effort into finding these things; however, that is precisely my point. As a non-cheater, I won't put a lot of effort into it. Someone comitted to the cause though will surely go to great lengths to find these cheats; much more so than I ever did or even imagined how to find them (for example, I've never even been on IRC, so I have no idea what kind of resource that can be for locating this type of stuff).

My effort was for precisely the same reason as MaliciousIntent--I wanted to see the thing in action, I wanted to see it defeat CSHP4+, and I wanted to see UTPure defeat it (which I'm ecstatic to see that it does).

I also have to admit, that now that I've seen at least Elfbot in action, I have a much better feel for people who are cheating versus people that are just good players. But that appreciation is limited; I'm confident that I can tell when someone is using the Elfbot or one of its key features. But that's as far as it goes. When it comes to other bots I'm clueless. I keep asking myself, is that guy really good, or does he have some type of dodge bot (why is I can never hit him)? Or maybe, geez, I just hit him with 3 rockets and he walked away; is my ping/packet loss really that bad, or does he have some type of damage bot? The list goes on; it's just very frustrating not knowing.

Ok, end of rant/diatribe. Pardon me please; not trying to start a philosophical war, as I'm sure this is all old territory to you guys that have been at this much longer than me.

2nd February, 2002, 06:59 AM
Thx for the props man....Im not gonna rant here either, and you really said it better than I could anyways...but there is a strange vail of secrecy here guys.....like a coven or sumthin. Really, I reccomend all of you install, and run the elf in a practice game or private lan/clan game....it really is educational, and it will most definately help you while online, as far as spotting probable users, and protecting yerself by changing sum gaming habits....the best feeling in the world is knowin who is cheating, and beating him in a match anyways.......ooooohhhh so sweet it is...I know, cause I beat one today....they are usually the ones who type FU when you frag em....

2nd February, 2002, 09:44 AM
Yeah... I guess that half the fun for the cheaters is the 'triumph' of finding one of these things, and thinking they're part of the 'hackers underground'... :o

If cheats were generally known, then people wouldn't have fun developing them and ditributing them... and the people who use them would realise that they're just damn lame... or out for malicious intent... :( :mad:

How about Midnight Interactive providing a download site of 'defeated bots' or a 'bot graveyard'...??? Possibly with a list of bots yet to be splatted...

This way, we could all know where we stand... :) :) :)


2nd February, 2002, 01:53 PM
Well, all I know is that over on the cheaters boards, they are quite blatant bout wut they are tryin to do....unlike here where its like "wuts the secret code to enter..." LOL And yer MaliciousIntent reference didnt go un noticed there....I liked it!!!

4th February, 2002, 10:01 PM
hehehe.. I have to diff with you there. The cheaters are watched, and what has been pi**ing off the boards the last two or so months is the message that there will probably be no more public released bots in the near future. Something about how DB is *lurking* in the shadows to get the latest and greatest and defeat it in a matter of hours... So they've decided if you are REALLY nice and hang around the irc distribution channel for a few days some really 3l33t doodz might forward you the latest bot... Hehehe, looks like cheaters in UT are a dying breed due to all the efforts of DB & crew.

22nd February, 2002, 09:22 AM
That is really funny. They are a dieing breed. They have been from the start. Let me explain.

No diss ment to DB or Dr Sin. I was talking about bots 6 months before this all started. You can probably imagine the reception I got. It was a very unpleasant experience. No way etc ...

I could then think of 3 ways. Two of them have now been exploited. The third has not (that I know of thank god).

But back to the dieing breed. There is a cure for llamas that need to use bots. Think about it for 2 seconds. Do GOOD players need or use them? No. Why?

They don't need them. If someone is so pathetic to need to use a bot, how good are they really? Bots can and do help aim. But they cannot help with strategy. If you think they are using a bot, figure out how to kill them. Repeat as required. They will seek out safer pastures. These people do not want to lose. So make them lose. Think how it will make them feel. Then think how you will feel.

How do you do it? Same way you get to Carnegie hall. Practice.

I do not use a bot, but I have been called a bot.