View Full Version : Just an idea...

12th March, 2002, 11:22 PM

Apologies if this has already been thought of or tried, if I'm asking something impossible or if I'm just completely wrong, but...

Seems to be that some of the cheats are using modified versions of CSHP or Pure to bypass their protection.

What occured to me recently is how about an admin-set modifier?


Ie, an integer that is set by the admin in the ini file and makes their copy of CSHP/Pure unique to that server. The number would be randomly set by the admin and known only to them. Pure/CSHP would need to change its script filename to stop mismatch errors (the trickiest bit, I imagine) and the player would need to download it (or an extra file, but that would compromise security) before they can play.

Downsides: It'd play merry hell with demos. Bad enough now trying to find all the mods required.
Not 100% secure, maybe a cheat coder could find or bypass the modifier.

Upsides: A cracked Pure/CSHP would only work on that one server, and if the admin changed the modifier it would make them change it again. Unless this could be done automatically I think they wouldn't bother.

Like I say, just a thought that occured to me and I apologise if it's a load of bollocks. :)