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13th March, 2002, 09:44 PM
hi guys

yes it´s me once again :) !

where i can optain a Pure console commands list ???

yours Sady

14th March, 2002, 07:12 PM
Pure console commands: (only available as PLAYER)

MutateTalk (same as Mutate <string>)
AdminTalk (same as Admin <string>)

CheatInfo (same as Mutate CheatInfo)

FixTeams (same as Mutate FixTeams)
NextTeam (same as Mutate NextTeam)
ChangeTeam x (same as Mutate ChangeTeam x)

ShowNetspeeds (same as Mutate PureShowNetspeeds)
ShowIPs (same as Mutate PureShowIPs)
ShowTickrate (same as Mutate PureShowTickrate)

Mutate Commands: (Mutate <Command>) (Also available as spec)

CheatInfo - Shows Pure Info

FixTeams - Evens teams (if enabled)
NextTeam - Moves you to next team (if enabled)
ChangeTeam x - Moves you to team x (if enabled)

PureShowIPs - Shows IP of players (if you are admin)
PureShowTickrate - Shows the configured Tickrate of the server
PureShowNetspeeds - Shows the Netspeed of the server

Hope this lists it all :)

14th March, 2002, 07:56 PM
nice :)

thx a lott