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17th August, 2004, 02:10 AM
I was just wandering around on ClanBase checking to make sure my clan had'nt been killed/takenover/binned/whatever and decided to have a quick gander over the rules, and low and behold what do I find....

5. Server settings

1. Games are played with the following settings:

* Cross-Team Priv. Chat - Off
* Adrenaline - Off
* Superweapons - Off
* Power Ups - On
* Translocator - Off
* Game Speed - 1.00
* Air Control - 0.35

* Goal Score - 1
* Weapons Stay - On
* Time Limit - 2 x 15 minutes rounds PER map
* Core Drain in Overtime - 20
* Friendly Fire Scale - 0.00
* Spawn Protection Time - 0.00

* Allow Behind View - Off
* Allow Weapon Throwing - Off
* Weapons shake view - Off
* Allow Taunts - Off
* Force Respawn - Off
* Players Must Be Ready - On

* Allow Admin Pausing - On (suggested setting only)
* World Stats Logging - On (suggested setting only)
* Kick Idlers Time - 0
* Max Players - 12 (for a default team size war)
* Max Spectators - 0

2. The server should have UTAN installed. Read more on UTAN here.

* Receive IP Bans - Off
* Receive UTAN Bans - On
* Receive GISP Bans - On
* Receive Bans Under 'Aimbot' Category - On
* Receive Bans Under 'Annoyance' Category - Off
* Receive Bans Under 'Skin Hack' Category - On
* Receive Bans Under 'Wall Hack' Category - On
* Receive Bans Under 'Other' Category - Off
* Send Tracking Data To UTAN - On
* Send Kick Reports To UTAN - On

3. Spectators are never allowed.
4. The server must be running the latest version of Security Mutator and non beta server patch. Clans may freely refuse to use servers not running the latest versions. Often patches are released for Linux/Windows at different times, please bare this in mind. We suggest you don't run beta server patches - though you may do so if you and your game server provider wish.
5. The servers tickrate must be between 30 and 35 on both Linux and Windows based servers. If both clans agree, then you may use any tickrate you wish.However, I don't think they are using UTAN to its full potential, i'm going to get in touch with them and suggest they open an account so that they can effectivly ban people from ladders, and also randomly check to see if people are actually following the rules.

The UTAN rules are effective across all official ClanBase UT2004 Ladders, as far as I could see anyway. :D

17th August, 2004, 04:14 AM
:thumbup: :thumbup:

Yeah I agree the best part would be managing your entire player bans / suspensions (aka timed bans any word on a new release? ;) ) with the gisp list ...