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Default XServerQuery

XServerQuery v201

XServerQuery is a much-improved way of showing your server's current
information. There are new headings like "Spectators" and "Protection
Type" as well as the country of the current players. It also does more
then the same job like SecureValidate.

To show you your server's new information, you need the latest
XBrowser for the UT installation. Remember: XServerQuery is for the
server, XBrowser is for the client. They work together to bring you
all this new information. Also, if you using a server viewer page
(like statistics displayed on a webpage), you need to modify it.

For more information and to see how it works, follow this link:

I've repacked the included IpToCountry-1.6.rar
Changes are:
- removed file CountryFlags2.utx
- added file CountryFlags3.utx
- added file IpToCountry.ini. Feel free to change the hosts as you like.
- changed some lines in the README.txt file
- added the download link of the GeoIP.dat at the bottom of the "MasterServer v1.6/GeoIP license.txt" file
- updated the GeoIP.dat file to the lates one (2015/10/09).
The new CountryFlags3 file is upgrade compatible for all mods, they
use CountryFlags2 and where you can change it via ini file.
Mods like Nexgen must be modified..

-added over 100 new flags (v2 has 171, v3 now 277).
-v3 is uptodate with the latest ISO 3166-1 alpha-2.
-all flags redesigned and now a bit more colorful.


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