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Excellent concept and servers (G)ott

I even see that you have made use of the Send2 Mod which is also great to see.

I really like this ServerQuery Tool very much .. I notice for the time being there are but a handful of servers utilising it atm but I think that the Browser window will begin to light up like a Christmas Tree over the next few weeks/months.

I do notice a small spelling error in the XBrowser however , Protaction? but other then that it is very informative indeed

Excellent work

Also , just wondering ... perhaps there could be an additional Option that could be added to the RightClick Action on Servers.
where Clients can Black-List the Servers that they deem dodgy?.. here's a thought,

if a client Right_Click & 'Mark_Bad' a Server , then all Server's on that IP could also be detected and marked as well in the browser.
clients have the option to 'Mark OK' Servers as well perhaps.

add a admin password to change these settings and ..

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Nice work , keep it up mate

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