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in regards to the admin password it was more so to protect server listings.
If you have 3-4 people who use your pc to play the game they tend to go straight to the MasterServerList > First server they see... Good or Bad..

if there was a way for (PC Admins) to Filter the Masterserverlist for bad servers and be able to mark them as bad (refuse to connect) statuses then that would be awesome.

Especially in case of the kids jumping on and playing...

perhaps caching of MSL could also be considered for faster interaction ..

DownloadMSL -> Apply rules/Filters -> Cache MSL -> Display Cache in UT Browser

in short having more control over the MasterServerList for clients I think is great. there are so many dodgy servers out there that it would be good to be able
to just block IP and Mark these server's off the List. (at least mark them)

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