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Default UT2004 Server Help

Hi all
this is my first post and i not that clued up on servers.

i am running windows 7 64bit 6 gig mem
ut2004 installed all packs installed and mods for freon ect.
have ded server and server key.

but when i run a server all comes back as conection is aproved and all seems ok no problem but n/a in master server.
i am running on a bt home hub have opened the ports to ut2004 in the port forwarding section and when look in home network it is on my pc as ported to ut2004.
i have did whatsmyip, and looked in ipconfig

but the ip from whatsmyip matches the default gatway and the hub ip but not my pc ip

when server running the ip in the lan matches the ip in home hub for comp.

so basicaly home hub ip matches any search and every time i start a server on host game the ip matchs comp ip.

so it seems that it is not porting or somethink i am doing is wrong.

any one who could take me through a step be step of it would be loads of help ie( homehub set up and server hosting)

any help will be very good

kind regards


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