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made alot of client side additions. that reminds me of KRID's style, he is a clientside package fanboy. .

and i am too, i will admit. i think the only way to keep a server running smooth is to have the client handle alot of the bandwidth whenever possible...alot of modders forget about that, and the net priorities settings are usually over the top on alot of mods i've come across.

good to see some peeps pay attention to the finer points of scripting, and here i thought you were just a graphics buff....

good mod, i love using it, it saved me from having to create my own gib mod, so i appreciate it, alot.


Originally Posted by Feralidragon View Post

NW3 Ultra Gore SSE (Special Standalone Edition):
This is a release for Unreal Tournament concerning the new NW3 gore system.
It's called SSE given that it uses Nali Weapons 3 technology and features but it does not need Nali Weapons 3 to run at all, thus it can run with anything: normal weapons, NW3 (of course), ZP, Instagib, RX, etc...
It runs in any gametype, it can be customized from the server or the client, and all the gore effects run on the client alone thus not affecting the server itself at all.


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