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Thank you very much for this update!
And thank you very very much for working on ACE/UT in general! _O_
Nice to have a central topic now!

Curious the memory problem (playermgr) from ACE1 got solved.
Will get back here asap!

Issue #1
I get kicked for my engine.dll
So did 3 of the 4 testmates. (kicked after 3-4minutes)

Fixed it by using the dll from a fresh install. (didnt get kicked for 20mins and 4 mapswitches)
Compared the files, and they had diff. sizes.
(is this file being written to by ACE or UT, and becomes bigger?)

Here's a link to the zip with the 2 different engine.dll's (onedrive)

Issue #2
Virtual memory loads up at clients
Result ->Playermgr crashes. ACE shuts down.
UT can use up till 1.5GB of RAM and gives big-screen errors.
Screenshots are coming.

possible issue 3
Same story as issue 1.
Only then with Core.dll (2 of 4 testmates).
Didnt swapped files yet.

This all happened in 3-4 games.
Iam gonna look up which server of linux use.
I hope to bring more hard proof.

Currently 3/4 players on the test server. (iDM US)

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