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Unread 26th March, 2017, 03:05 AM
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hi all,
I would like to request a fix for nexgen112 or 112n

Using the new mod SiegeIV_00... Nexgen puts its speed at 100 and does not even change by votemap, The correct speed of this mod is 125.

summing up, without the nexgen the speed normally works both by the mod ini and by the votemap.

CustomGameConfig[4]=(bEnabled=True,GameClass="SiegeIV_0025.SiegeGI",N ewPrefix="sGX",mutators="NoMapProtection.NoMapProt ection,AAAHitToneV2.AAAHitToneV2",Settings="MaxSpe ctators=4,MaxPlayers=18,bTournament=False,GoalTeam Score=20.000000,GameSpeed=1.25,TimeLimit=60")
Brazilian Server:
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