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Unread 18th September, 2010, 05:01 AM
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Cool Tip to Reduce ping by upto 20ms (All Games/Services)

Well I thought that I'd expose a little known Secret about how to reduce your ping by ^20ms

so if you ping to your favorite server @ 30ms

Then this will reduce your ping to around 10-13ms

Basically you will need a couple of things to get this sorted;
  1. ISP Account Holders details and permissions
  2. Research your plan to see if it allows for Interleaving to be turned off
  3. a convincing Story as to why you want this service switched off
  4. Gift of the Gab
  5. Patience to wait upto 48 hours for the switch to take place

Ok the secret is this ....TURN INTERLEAVING OFF!

Basically , no matter where you are in the Globe ... by default Interleaving is ON .

Q.What is Interleaving?..see link above with Capital Letters

more info here: search google for info on Interleaving

Interleaving actually increases your ping/latency by +20ms sometimes more/less.

Hence why your ping is 50ms to your favorite GameServer

you can however reduce this to 30ms with a few tips and some luck.

ok having all the prerequisites above lets try and get our ping reduced..

Ring ISP and ask to Speak to a Technician who is Local to your Country

- This is quite funny because you will in most cases be speaking to someone from another country and this is why you have to wait upto 72hours (3 days) in some cases. However speaking to someone in your own country seems to be quicker and easier for both parties to understand. go Patriot!

Ok now ask the Local Help-desk operator if you can speak to a Local Technician.

if they ask what it pertains to ... or regarding what issues ...(now is the time to give em your details BTW).. Then proceed with this.

perhaps you can help me Sir/Ma'am ... I would like to have Interleaving turned off please.

Operator/Technician: why do you want to turn interleaving off?

Because I am a Pro Gamer and the Latency is effecting my game play as well as the use of VOIP services like Skype which is also effected by having this service turned on.

Operator/Technician: Ok let me just confirm a few things with Level 2 support ... brb

Operator/Technician: It appears that your plan does not support this feature (go research your plan prior to calling)

Ermm ok so um ... what other Service Providers offer this Feature?.. I mine as well Switch ISP's in that case...

> in most cases (not all) this should be approved and a delay time will be given to you... 24hours - 72hours .

*If all goes well then in a couple of days your ping should be 20ms lower ..


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Unread 18th September, 2010, 09:08 AM
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Interleaving. Yes, it introduces some latency, but reducing or disabling it increases the chance for packet loss. Yes, there's an error correction algorithm in your DSL, ISDN, whatever connection! All kinds of connections suffer from transmission errors, even that between your harddisk and the motherboard. (That's a really short connection, now imagine the hundreds of kilometers between you and the game server...)

Ok, that said, if your line for e.g. DSL is relatively short, you (as the maniacal gamer you are) probably ordered a higher connection speed anyway. In that case you can't reduce interleaving anymore because it's usually already at the lowest possible setting. And you can't really turn it off either, because this isn't Sparta, it'd be madness.
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Unread 18th September, 2010, 12:25 PM
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Holy Shit!!
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^_^ all that being said ... Ive noticed no difference what so ever... there is always a downside I guess. pings lower but

good to see that someone read the wiki

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