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Unread 9th October, 2002, 09:00 AM
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Default UTPureRC55 Released

The latest version of the anti-cheat mutator has been released.

This should now keep your server safe from the recent influx of nasty bots

List of changes ....




I have tried to eliminate all the bugs associated with
Pausing in UT

(Text stops appearing, scoreboard does not update, time decreases too fast
after pause)

Players will get a message when a spectator leaves the server.

Any player changing netspeed 10 times during a match will be removed from

It is now possible to force the settings of certain actors via the

This is to counter some of the exec files. There are 4 levels of

0: Off

1: When player connects.

2: During Gameplay Passively

3: During Gameplay Actively

If you select 2, it will also be running level 1 (They are cumulative)

Higher level = more cpu usage on client.

Added: Some more anti-cheat stuff

As always you can get this and previous versions from our downloads section here

Thanks to Rambo for spotting this release " alt="" src="modules/Forums/images/smiles/thumb.gif" border="0" width="25" height="18">

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