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Unread 31st October, 2003, 03:39 AM
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Originally posted by TNSe

Sorry about that

Here it comes:

%H = Your current health. "80 Health"
%W = Your current weapon. "Sniper Rifle"
%A = Your current Armor. "Shieldbelt (150) and 0 Armor"
%P = Your current Position/Task. CTF Only.
"Attacking Enemy Flag Carrier" - Close to Enemy Flag Carrier
"Supporting Our Flag Carrier" - Close to Your Flag Carrier
"Attacking" - Close to Enemy Flag
"Defending" - Close to Your own Flag
"Floating" - Not close to any Flag
"Carrying Flag" - Guess

So to take an example, you would make the following bind.

TeamSay I am %P with %W having %A with %H left.

which could translate to

I am Attacking with Rocket Launcher having 50 Armor with 100 Health left.

Hope this helps
Of course it's only when VA's in use.
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Unread 18th August, 2004, 05:04 PM
Eek Eek is offline
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I've found that the macros always work in TDM games, and for me never in DM games even though using "teamsay" in the keybind. However, for a lot of other people it DOES work in DM as long as they use teamsay. Any idea why?

Of course, it's not really useful in DM but sometimes it's a fun way of letting the other players know quickly that you escaped from their amp with 2 health left, etc.
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