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Unread 7th April, 2010, 07:25 PM
2399Skillz 2399Skillz is offline
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Default ACE: AntiCheatEngine for Unreal Tournament

ACE is a new native anticheat for Unreal Tournament. It will be released for both the full and the demo version. The main goal of ACE is the detection of all UScript and most native cheats through verification of the UT scripting engine and the process memory.

Author: Anthrax

Read the documentation here:

ACE Changes

* [ADDED] UTDC Compatible MAC Hash
* [ADDED] Updated protection
* [ADDED] Hardware ID
* [ADDED] Load balancing in feedback system
* [FIXED] Another timeout issue
* [FIXED] Logs/SShots not being written properly because of unsupported chars in the filenames
* [FIXED] Screenshots failing when taken on-demand or during the initial check
* [FIXED] Small bug that caused a bit of lag when new players joined
* [FIXED] Bug in the uscript cheat detection
* [FIXED] Critical bug in ACEIpDrv that made server crashing possible
* [CHANGED] Made several kickmessages more user-friendly
* [CHANGED] Performance tweak in SleepMode 2
* [CHANGED] Improved stability of framerate in compatibility mode
* [CHANGED] Optimized loading routine for less lag
* [CHANGED] Several core routines optimized
* [CHANGED] SSE optimizations

* [FIXED] Initial check timeouts because of the cpu speed measurement
* [FIXED] Garbagecollector crash
* [FIXED] Bug in the AutoConfig/Main actor that lead to incompatibilities with EUT
* [FIXED] Screenshots weren't sent properly during the initial check
* [ADDED] A lot of common hacked uscript files are now recognised by ACE

* [FIXED] Conflict with ngWorldStats in UT Demo
* [FIXED] Security flaw in mac hash generation
* [FIXED] Error in ACEIpDrv which could cause timeouts during check spawn
* [FIXED] Another garbagecollector crash
* [FIXED] UT Demo server stability issues
* [FIXED] Timeouts are finally gone (mostly for people with older hardware)
* [CHANGED] Performance tweaks for both the server and client

* This build doesn't exist because "v0.6o" looks stupid

* [ADDED] bDisableSoundFix option
* [ADDED] mutate ace sftoggle command to toggle the soundfix function
* [ADDED] mutate ace compattoggle command to toggle ace compatibility mode
* [FIXED] Demo playback issues
* [FIXED] Incompatibility with anthchecker
* [FIXED] Garbagecollector issues
* [FIXED] Memory corruption that caused random crashes. These crashes occured very frequently if
the client was recording a demo using udemo's auto-recording function
* [CHANGED] bNonStrictCapping option can now be used to let UTGLR handle frameratelimiting.
Enabling this option might reduce "lag" and screen tearing while using UTGLR renderers with SwapInterval=0
* [CHANGED] Speeded up the checks
* [CHANGED] Default InitialCheckTimeout increased to 70 seconds (up from 60)

* [FIXED] Crash for people with disabled firewalls
* [FIXED] Another garbagecollector fix
* [ADDED] Several missing packages on the whitelist

* [FIXED] Crashes when using the -nosound commandline parameter
* [FIXED] Crashes because of evil processes like windows blinds
* [FIXED] Possible crash in the routine that cleans up UTDC v2.1's traces
* [FIXED] Possible deadlock with timingmode 4
* [FIXED] Garbagecollector crash
* [FIXED] Minor bugs in ACEIpDrv
* [CHANGED] New feedback system
* [CHANGED] Reworked check spawn routine. Execution time down to ~0.5sec on my pc.
* [ADDED] Quick Check in the check spawn routine. The quick check should detect all public bots
* [ADDED] Automatic configuration of the firewall (UT.exe added to the allowed applications list)
* [ADDED] Ingame logo

* Experimental build

* [ADDED] Full WINE compatibility

* [FIXED] Package Scanner bugs due to the LeagueAS obfuscator
* [FIXED] VCheck scan bug due to ALAudio.dll

* [ADDED] Extra info for thunktable hooks
* [ADDED] Dynamic timeout scaling. Allows older hardware to run the checks more slowly
without timing them out.
* [ADDED] ACE now cleans up all UTDC hooks from the memory (should eliminate many false positives)
* [CHANGED] Fast dual cores (> 1.8Ghz) and 3+ core cpus run in "High Performance Mode"
This is very similar to the timing mode used in v0.6d (not v0.6e!). Players can override
this setting in User.ini (undocumented)
* [CHANGED] Increased checkspawn timeout by 5 sec
* [CHANGED] UT.exe, Editor.dll, Editor.u no longer checked because it's no longer needed
* [FIXED] You no longer get kicked for playing with that steam UT version

* [FIXED] Deadlock during mapswitches
* [FIXED] Timeouts during check spawn after mapswitches
* [CHANGED] Reverted v0.6d experimental fix

* [CHANGED] New timing system
* [CHANGED] Experimental timeout fix

* [FIXED] Deadlock in CPU speed measurement
* [FIXED] False iat hooks
* [FIXED] Minor memory leaks
* [CHANGED] Faster locking system

* [FIXED] Identification of older processors
* [CHANGED] Performance tweaks for multicore processors
* [ADDED] Windows 2000 compatibility

* [ADDED] ACE now has it's own implementation of IpDrv.dll/ This is
done to circumvent some ancient bugs in this package.
* [FIXED] Minor memory leaks
* [FIXED] HUD rendering crash
* [CHANGED] Memory usage down by 50%

* [FIXED] Major stability issues (frequent crashes while executing uscript bytecode)
* [FIXED] Performance issues

* [CHANGED] LOTS and lots of optimizations to minimize the impact of ACE on
single core processors.
* [CHANGED] Got rid of the biggest resource hog
* [ADDED] Updated protection.

* [FIXED] Implemented a workaround for a bug that caused the UT v348 DEMO linux
server to crash during mapswitches.
* [FIXED] Another workaround for a bug that caused the UT v348 DEMO linux
server to refuse connections when more than 5 players were on the server.
* [FIXED] Bug that froze players that timed out during the initial check.
* [FIXED] Fixed a bug that caused the CPU speed detection on Core 2 Duo T2xxx
CPUs (laptop series) to fail, resulting in lag/jerky play during the first 30
seconds after joining the server.
* [FIXED] Fixed a bug where the server would log a timeout for players that
disconnected manually.
* [FIXED] Minor vcheck bugs
* [FIXED] Fixed a rare bug that would cause the timeout detection to trigger
too early.
* [FIXED] Fixed some "Accessed None" warnings in the serverlog.
* [FIXED] Fixed a bug where external log files would not close properly during
mapswitches/server shutdown.
* [FIXED] Fixed some minor bugs in the official event handler that caused some
external log files to be incomplete.
* [CHANGED] Reworked checkspawn routine. Execution time down to 50%.
* [CHANGED] LOTS of performance tweaks.
* [ADDED] Several new protection routines.
* [ADDED] Protection against certain tools that can cause the server to become
unstable (such as masssuicide).

* [FIXED] Fixed a rare deadlock that caused the client to freeze during mapswitches.
* [FIXED] Fixed a bug that caused players with non-US English versions of Windows XP to time out.
* [CHANGED] Reworked feedback system for better security and performance.
* [CHANGED] ACE now creates a seperate external log for each kick. Additionally,
ACE can create a logfile with information about all the players who've joined
your server (bExternalLogJoins). One log per map is created.
* [ADDED] Screenshots. Thanks to PackageHelper_v12, ACE can store the
screenshots directly in JPEG format on the server. Screenshots are enabled
by default (bSShotWhenKick). If a player gets kicked the kick message will only
appear after the player has finished the upload of the sshot (or after 20
seconds if the screenshot upload fails).
* [ADDED] Merged the SoundFix code with ACE. This fix addresses a problem that
causes certain sounds to become amplified when a demo is being recorded.
* [ADDED] When bAutoConfig is enabled, ACE will spawn it's AutoConfig component
during map startup. This component tries to set up your UPackages list for you.
The AutoConfig is open source!

* First private beta

Latest Build
ACE v0.6q BETA (Official Download)
ACE v0.6q BETA (Direct Link Mirror)

Previous Builds

Get your files
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Unread 15th April, 2010, 02:58 AM
thiago.r2's Avatar
thiago.r2 thiago.r2 is offline
Join Date: Apr 2010
Posts: 60
Unhappy Help-me Ace+linux

ace anti cheat with error on linux server HELP


Which the solution for this error ace on a linux server?
it runs perfectly on windows dedicated server and everything already in linux this error like a little help ut there forever in Brazil!
and not have any file utdc antichecker folder and not even tested it also with the server so clean with anticheat and gave the same error

thiago@ubuntu:~$ cd Desktop
thiago@ubuntu:~/Desktop$ dir
comando.txt rev\ server
thiago@ubuntu:~/Desktop$ cd rev\ server
thiago@ubuntu:~/Desktop/rev server$ dir
Cópia\ de\ System Help Logs Maps Music Sounds System Textures ucc Web
thiago@ubuntu:~/Desktop/rev server$ ./ucc server -ini=UnrealTournament.ini - log=arquividelog.log -MULTIHOME=
Creating preferences directory...
Creating directory /home/thiago/.loki/ut/
Creating directory /home/thiago/.loki/ut/System
Executing Class Engine.ServerCommandlet
Unreal engine initialized
Browse: DM-Deck16][.unr?Name=Player?Class=Botpack.TMale2?team=1?skin= SoldierSkins.blkt?Face=SoldierSkins.Othello
LoadMap: DM-Deck16][.unr?Name=Player?Class=Botpack.TMale2?team=1?skin= SoldierSkins.blkt?Face=SoldierSkins.Othello
Bound to
Case-insensitive search: Botpack -> ../System/BotPack.u
Bound to
Case-insensitive search: Ambancient -> ../Sounds/AmbAncient.uax
Case-insensitive search: hubeffects -> ../Textures/HubEffects.utx
Case-insensitive search: genfluid -> ../Textures/GenFluid.utx
Collecting garbage
Purging garbage
Garbage: objects: 16836->16835; refs: 235176
Game class is 'DeathMatchPlus'
Sockets: Socket queue 262142 / 262142
TcpNetDriver on port 7777
Server Package: SoldierSkins
Case-insensitive search: SoldierSkins -> ../Textures/Soldierskins.utx
Server Package: CommandoSkins
Server Package: FCommandoSkins
Server Package: SGirlSkins
Server Package: BossSkins
Server Package: Botpack
Case-insensitive search: Botpack -> ../System/BotPack.u
Server Package: MultiMesh
Server Package: Relics
Server Package: EpicCustomModels
Server Package: TCowMeshSkins
Server Package: TNaliMeshSkins
Server Package: TSkMSkins
Server Package: SkeletalChars
Server Package: ProDuel3
Bound to
Server Package: MapVoteLA13
Case-insensitive search: MapVoteLA13 -> ../System/MapvoteLA13.u
Server Package: LogoSplashV3test
Server Package: KillCountLMS
Server Package: Revenge
Server Package: Captain
Server Package: NexgenCC
Server Package: Nexgen111
Server Package: NexgenX111
Server Package: 2k4Sounds
Server Package: SoundsSexy
Server Package: revpack01
Server Package: HumiliationV2
Server Package: CountryFlags2
Server Package: IpToCountry_AOL
Server Package: ZPPure7G
Server Package: BP1Handler7G
Server Package: BP4Handler7G
Server Package: SmartCTF_4D
Server Package: NPLoader_v15e
Server Package: NPLoaderLLU_v15e
Server Package: NPLoaderLLD_v15e
Server Package: NPLoaderLLS_v15e
Server Package: ACEv06q_Cdll
Server Package: IACEv06q
Server Package: ACEv06q_C
Spawning: IpDrv.UdpBeacon
Spawning: SecureValidate.SVUdpServerQuery
Spawning: SecureValidate.SVUdpServerUplink
Spawning: SecureValidate.SVUdpServerUplink
Spawning: SecureValidate.SVUdpServerUplink
Spawning: UWeb.WebServer
Spawning: IpToCountry.LinkActor
Case-insensitive search: ipToCountry -> ../System/IpToCountry.u
Spawning: LogoSplashV3test.SplashLogoSA
Spawning: KillCountLMS.KillCountLMSServerActor
Spawning: MonsterAnnouncer.MA_ServerActor
Spawning: Nexgen111.NexgenActor
Spawning: NexgenX111.NexgenX
Spawning: 2k4Sounds.SoundsActor
Spawning: UTPureRC7G.UTPureSA
Spawning: SmartCTF_4D.SmartCTFServerActor
Spawning: ServerAdds.ServerAdds
Spawning: NPLoader_v15e.NPLActor
Spawning: ACEv06q_S.ACEActor
appError called:
Can't bind to native class ACEIpDrv.ACETcpLink
Executing UObject::StaticShutdownAfterError
Signal: SIGIOT [iot trap]

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Unread 22nd May, 2010, 08:15 PM
unrealplayer unrealplayer is offline
Forum Newcomer
Join Date: May 2010
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My advice is to remove Ace until someone can actually make it work right. There are to many bugs and it degrades server performance. Everyones answer is to go into your setting and compleatly change files around. Don't do it!! Just remove ACE!
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Unread 13th July, 2010, 11:20 PM
Max]I[muS-X Max]I[muS-X is offline
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Do you test stuff before you release it? The new update is worse than the old. I can't stay connected to a server for more than 5 seconds without totally lagging out or player sliding. It is only a problem on servers with the latest ACE installed.
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