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Server CD Key Generator

In order for your server to appear in the global server list and participate in stats, your server needs to be allocated a "CD Key". You may run as many servers as you like using the same key.

Please supply an email address and your server CD key will be mailed to you. This email address will be recorded, however Epic Games will not use this for any purpose other than to contact you in the event of possible abuse, cheating etc regarding your server. Your email address will not be made available to any other party and you will not be subscribed to any mailing lists.

The email address you use must be capable of receiving MIME-encoded attachments. Some antivirus scanners may reject the email because it will contain a Windows .REG file attachment.

UT2003 Server Key Generator

email address:

UT2004 Server Key Generator

email address:

Please fill in your email address for the correct server you wish to receive a cd key for. Please press Submit only once.

Note: this information will be send to a server of Epic Games, Inc.

The result will be shown below

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